About Spokane Turbine Center

In many remote areas, entire people groups are isolated by distance, geographic barriers, unsafe travel conditions, and/or poor infrastructure. We care about these people. Since 2008, Spokane Turbine Center has provided professional training courses to the missionary pilots and technicians who can reach remote people with airplanes. With effective missionary aviation, remote people groups have access to health care, education, supplies, and much more.

The turbine-powered aircraft commonly used in missionary aviation require expensive, specialized training. Thanks to our donors, we’ve consolidated resources like engines, tools, expertise, and simulators for the benefit of the entire missionary aviation community. So far, we’ve served people from 18 different missionary organizations operating in 20 different countries.

Prayer and donations keep our training courses moving. If you feel missionary aviation is important, join our team today. Even small donationsĀ help usĀ serve all of missionary aviation.