Why don’t we clear runways by hand?


By Jon Weber, Director of Development

At the moment, it’s warmed to a balmy 8 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Earlier this week, I noticed a coworker bundle up and head outside to clear our walkway snow with a small blower. With continuing low temperatures, our snow won’t be going anywhere soon.

Fortunately, we only need to clear our walkways. Our friends at Moody Aviation have used their small truck to plow our shared parking lot. Felts Field has two paved runways (come visit our facility if you’ve never been): one is 4499 x 150 feet, and the other is 2650 x 75 feet. There are also miles of taxiways and ramp area needed for aircraft operation. What if the Spokane Turbine Center or Moody team had to clear the entire airport using our small tools? What if we had to purchase a large snowplow with our limited financial resources?


Here’s the Spokane International Airport team hard at work, clearing snow at Felts Field with equipment much more powerful than our little snow blower.Thanks to Rachel Driver for the pic!

What a terrible use of Spokane Turbine Center’s time, talent, and treasure! Our staff is currently preparing for another deluge of Parkwater Aviation KODIAK familiarization students next week. We’re busy updating curriculum, preparing facilities, and planning lessons so that our customers receive the very best KODIAK training available.

The professional team at Spokane International Airport (SIA) takes care of maintaining the runways and taxiways of Felts Field for all airport tenants. They have the heavy snow removal equipment and expertise we lack. Because of their persistent work, we can focus on our primary mission of training.


I’m thankful we don’t have to clear runways of snow with the wrong people and tools. We can depend on professionals with the right expertise and equipment. I’m just as thankful that missionary organizations don’t have to bear the cost of professional turbine transition training on their own. (Rachel Driver photo)

Like SIA team equips us to function effectively, Spokane Turbine Center help missionary aviation organizations accomplish their respective objectives by providing professional turbine training. As missionary organizations entrust much of their turbine training to us, they are better equipped to focus on their primary missions: serving remote people groups and other missionaries in the name of Jesus Christ. Just as we should not dedicate massive resources to snow removal, missionary organizations should not have to procure/operate expensive simulators, training expertise, PT6A engine resources, training aircraft, and other specialized resources. Having each missionary turbine operator do so on their own makes as much sense as airport tenants trying to clear a runway with tiny snowblowers and shovels. We let the pros at SIA take over and blow that snow away!

Thank you to our donors who are a key part of our training process. Also, thanks to our friends at Moody Aviation. Thank you to the Spokane International Airport team for being outstanding partners, and for taking care of all that snow!



Mountains of snow! What a blessing to have a clear ramp and runways. Thanks to the Spokane International Airport Team!


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