Everyday Online Shopping = Eternal Impact

by Jon Weber, Director of Development


Normally I don’t post blogs twice in one week, unless I’m doing something crazy like a PT6A/KODIAK course audit. In fact, this week I’m busy celebrating Thanksgiving, planning birthday parties for my wife and children, decorating for Christmas, and doing a ton of online shopping.

Online shopping with eternal impact, that is.

This year, my online shopping will support professional missionary aviation training at Spokane Turbine Center. And, I’m hoping to save money  as well.


Your online shopping can help make missionary aviation training possible. 

Want to join me? Here’s how:


  • What it is: Retailers like Home Depot, Bass Pro Shop, Target, and many more donate a percentage of your purchase to Spokane Turbine Center. They also post awesome online coupons and discount codes.
  • How it works: Register, identify Spokane Turbine Center as your cause, and shop away!
  • Where to sign up: Here.

Amazon Smile

  • What it is: It’s Amazon. With a portion of your purchase donated to Spokane Turbine Center.
  • How it works: Register your Amazon account with Amazon Smile, and make all purchases through the Amazon Smile portal.
  • Where to sign up: Here.

I don’t pretend to be a technical guru, but if you run into problems signing up, let me know.


Online shopping with eternal impact? Join the Spokane Turbine Center team, and help provide professional training to missionary pilot/mechanics who connect remote people groups with the love of Christ. 

Also remember our end-of-year #OneMoreMissionaryTrained campaign, where we are raising $3,100 to subsidize one more missionary PT6A course. Make a donation for a free Spokane Turbine Center mug!

Shop away, my friends. On behalf of the entire Spokane Turbine Center/Parkwater Aviation team, have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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