A Coffee Mug, $3100, and #OneMoreMissionaryTrained

By Jon Weber, Director of Development


Last week, five more missionary pilot/mechanics wrapped up our PT6A engine comprehensive overview course. What impact will these five have as they depart? Several will teach young aspiring missionary aviators at Moody Aviation. Another will use his PT6A knowledge in Indonesia, where the KODIAKs he will operate are a lifeline to remote people groups.


This is what a PT6A runup looks like from inside the stand. Here at Spokane Turbine Center, missionary pilot/mechanics learn just how to safely and cost-effectively operate turbine aircraft in order to serve remote people groups in the name of Christ.

The loud whine of the PT6A runup stand outside my window carried my thoughts away from my desk to the people of Indonesia who will experience the love of Christ, in part because of Spokane Turbine Center’s training. I think too of the dozens of Moody Aviation students who will someday work around the world, flying and maintaining the powerful turbine aircraft used for modern missionary work.

More. We need more people trained.

But do we have the resources to expand our training?

The cost to subsidize one week of PT6A training for one missionary pilot/mechanic: $3,100.

By the end of the year, let’s increase Spokane Turbine Center donations by $3,100. That will subsidize #OneMoreMissionaryTrained.

My family believes in making a difference in the lives of others. We donate to Spokane Turbine Center each month because we believe in this team providing the finest in professional aviation training to missionary pilot/mechanics.

Join our donor team for #OneMoreMissionaryTrained. Maybe you can make a one-time gift. Or, maybe you’d like to contribute $20 per month next year. Your generosity in either case helps equip missionary organizations to reach remote people groups with airplanes. Help us reach our $3,100 subsidy goal by the end of the year.


#OneMoreMissionaryTrained donors of at least $100 will receive a thank you mug for donating toward our year-end goal.

If you can give in one of the follow ways, I’ll send you a Spokane Turbine Center thank-you mug:

  • A one-time donation of $100 or more
  • A monthly pledge of $20 or more, for one year

Head to the #OneMoreMissionaryTrained Donation Page by December 31 and be a part of training for one more missionary pilot/mechanic!


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