7 Ways a Spokane Turbine Center Visit Will Inspire You

by Jon Weber, Director of Development


I get fired up explaining what God is doing through our little building here at Felts Field. Some days I head home wondering if I nerded out a bit too much.

Were our visitors inspired by the critical work we do? More importantly, do they understand why we serve missionary aviation organizations? Was our need for donations clear? Did they catch a vision for the outcomes of effective training? Or, was I too technical, or inaccurate as I struggled for words?

Each tour means a departure from my desk, interaction with people, and storytelling. Hopefully, the Spokane Turbine Center tour is the high point of a visitor’s day. Despite my insecurity, it certainly is the best part of mine. Maybe that’s why I’m geeky and excited at tour time.


Our airplane, hangar, and historic building at Felts Field in Spokane.

You need to stop by. If you haven’t yet seen our building, contact me RIGHT NOW and schedule. Here’s what you’ll experience:

  1. Our unique, historic, and beautiful building located at a remarkable little airport. Even if you aren’t a history buff or into architecture, it’s fascinating.
  2. Coffee is especially important on cold, rainy days autumn days like today. Come have a cup with us.
  3. Check out the compelling training tools used for professional aviation training. We’re talking a full-motion KODIAK simulator, turbine engine lab, PT6A engine runup stand, and big yellow KODIAK airplane.
  4. Often, we make popcorn. The buttery smell. The salty taste. Mmmmm.
  5. See the non-missionary KODIAK training done through our subsidiary, Parkwater Aviation. There’s a good chance you’ll run into a customer from the other side of the planet.
  6. Our map shows the places and faces of missionary aviation. See the global impact of our donors, who are making professional training possible for missionary organizations.
  7. Learn how to join the team making professional missionary aviation training at Spokane Turbine Center possible. We need advocates, donors, and prayer partners.

That’s our KODIAK simulator. It’s even cooler in person.

If you’ve already visited our facility, how was your experience? Leave a comment and let me know if I really was too nerdy.

For the uninitiated… I look forward to showing you around soon. Schedule with me today! Please, forgive us in advance for being dorks about missionary aviation.


Isn’t it cool that the Spokane community has such a tremendous impact on remote people groups around the world? Visit our facility and see how. Photo courtesy JAARS.


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